Baton Rouge
Traffic Incidents

Last Updated 01/21/18, 8:30 pm

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( near FLORIDA )

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To provide the Baton Rouge area with accurate traffic incident information formatted for mobile devices.

Lists traffic related incidents being handled by either Baton Rouge Police, the Sheriff's Department, Baker Police, or Zachary Police within the parish. The incidents are formatted to fit mobile devices. The incidents are updated every minute but the web page does not refresh automatically. Information is gathered from the 911 Computer Assisted Dispatch System. Lists all responding agencies - Sheriff, Police, Fire or EMS. Does not include State Police, LSU, or SU. Contact Baton Rouge Information Services at 389-3070 with any questions or problems.

This page contains raw data and unconfirmed information on incidents as they have been reported to the East Baton Rouge Parish 911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System. The possibility exists that an incident may have been reported or classified incorrectly. Because this incident information is derived from the Computer Aided Dispatch system, the incident will remain on the page until the responding officer has been taken off the call. This may occur after the actual incident has been cleared from the roadway. The information on this page is intended as a general guide only to possible traffic related situations being investigated by the Baton Rouge Police, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Baker Police, Zachary Police, Emergency Medical Services, or Baton Rouge Fire Department. Incidents located in East Baton Rouge Parish but being investigated by other agencies, including Louisiana State Police, or campus police at LSU and Southern University are not reflected in CAD.