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Baton Rouge Traffic Incidents List
Last Updated 05/26/17, 11:58 am Number of incidents: 10
Time Type Agency Location Cross Street
11:56 am accident P 1000 n little john dr florida
11:41 am accident P 700 east i-12 hw sherwood forest
11:40 am traf congestion P 5000 winbourne av n foster
11:24 am accident w/inj PFE 1001 scenic hw fuqua
11:24 am hit and run P 700 south i-110 hw n 22nd
11:21 am hit and run P 550 ben hur rd burbank / nicholson
11:08 am traf congestion P 800 west i-10 hw college
10:54 am stall-abandon P 500 east i-10 hw washington
9:51 am stall-abandon S 4418 antler dr fawn ridge / white tail
8:52 am accident P 800 south i-110 hw chippewa / cn rr underpas

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