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Release Date: 03/30/2017

City-Parish, Senior GIS Analyst receives RTM Exemplar Award

Office of Mayor-President
City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge


March 30, 2017


Eric Romero, Department of Information Services, (225) 389-3070
Dr. Tamiara Wade, Asst. Chief Administrative Officer: (225) 389-3100
Michelle McCalope, Communications Office: (225) 389-7957

BATON ROUGE – The City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge has received the 2017 RTM Exemplar Award – one of three 2017 international award winners named by the Rutgers Center on Public Security. The award honors the work of City-Parish Senior GIS Analyst Brandon Jumonville for his efforts in working with the Baton Rouge Police Department and East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office to develop a risk-based policing model using geospatial technologies.

The Rutgers Center on Public Security, a leader in spatial risk analysis, established the RTM Exemplar Awards to highlight successful applications of “risk terrain modeling,” or RTM, which focus on the spatial dynamics of crime and related vulnerabilities that may lead to or attract crime incidents. Jumonville’s model identifies geographic areas with elevated risk for crime incidents based on data such as blighted properties, which is then utilized to help determine where increased patrols or the allocation of additional resources would most greatly prevent future crime.

“This award is yet another indicator of how we are using innovation and technology to improve our community, building exportable solutions to common civic problems that other municipalities across the world can utilize in their own efforts to build safer, more resilient neighborhoods,” said Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome. “Data-based models like these are critical components to how we can work together to reduce crime while empowering our public safety teams and first responders with data to make informed decisions in serving our Baton Rouge residents.”

“Over the past several years, we have made tremendous progress in accelerating our GIS capabilities to the point where the City-Parish is now regarded as having one of the most advanced GIS programs in the southeast United States, ” said Eric Romero, Director of Information Services. “Though these efforts, our team remains hard at work to develop solutions such as these to improve our community and identify opportunities to create efficiencies in service delivery across all of City-Parish government."

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