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Plan of Government

Chapter 1
General Provisions

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Chapter 2
Governing Bodies

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Chapter 3
Governing Bodies -
Powers and Duties

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Chapter 4
Mayor President

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Chapter 5
Department of
Public Works

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Chapter 6
Police Department

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Chapter 7
Fire Department

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 10
Planning and Zoning

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Chapter 11

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January, 2008
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AUGUST 12, 1947
JANUARY 1, 1949


JULY 29, 1952
NOVEMBER 6, 1956
NOVEMBER 3, 1964
NOVEMBER 8, 1966
NOVEMBER 3, 1970
FEBRUARY 1, 1972
OCTOBER 27, 1979
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APRIL 16, 1988
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OCTOBER 20, 2007

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Chapter 5: Department of Public Works

A Single Department of Public Works

There shall be for East Baton Rouge Parish and the City of Baton Rouge a single unified Department of Public Works the head of which shall be the Director of Public Works.

Department of Public Works Organization and Functions

The Department of Public Works shall consist, besides the Director of Public Works of the following:

(a) The Division of Engineering which shall: (l) design and prepare plans, specifications and estimates for, and supervise the construction of or construct, all buildings, structures, works or improvements to be undertaken by the Parish, the City, or any district of which the Metropolitan Council is the governing body, provided that nothing herein shall prevent the employment by the Mayor-president of consulting engineers and architects, when empowered to do so by the Council; (2) make all surveys, maps, plans and drawings requested by the Parish Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, the Parish Attorney, the Assessor, any other department, office or agency of the Parish or the City; (3) have custody of all maps and plans of the Parish and the City or any part thereof not specifically required by law to be filed in some other place, and to furnish certified copies thereof on such terms as may be prescribed by the Council; (4) make traffic safety studies in cooperation with the Planning Commission and report its findings and recommendations to the Mayor-President and Council; (5) supervise the execution of the street lighting contract.

(b) The Division of Street Maintenance which shall: (l) maintain, repair and clean streets, highways, boulevards, parkways, bridges, alleys and other public ways; (2) erect street name signs; (3) erect or supervise the erection of traffic signals, lights and signs, and paint traffic directions on pavements.

(c) maintain and repair all buildings and structures belonging to the Parish, the City, or any district of which the Council is the governing body, except buildings used as schools; (2) provide heat, light and janitorial service for all such buildings and structures except janitorial service in jails.

(d) The Division of Central Garage, authority to establish which is hereby granted to the Council, which shall, when established, store, maintain and repair cars, trucks and other movable equipment belonging to the Parish, the City, or any district of which the Council is the governing body.

(e) The Division of Sewer Maintenance which shall maintain and operate sewers and sewerage works. (As amended October 20, 2007)

(f) The Division of Refuse Collection which shall collect and dispose of garbage and other refuse for the urban area.

(g) The Division of Inspections which shall: (l) provide in the urban area building, plumbing, electrical and other safety inspections; (2) enforce zoning regulations. (As amended October 20, 2007)

(h) Such other divisions or other units of administration, with such powers and duties as may be required by the action of the Council whose budget is to provide the cost thereof.

Department of Public Works Financing

The compensation of the Director of Public Works and the number and compensation of the officers and employees in the Divisions of Engineering, Street Maintenance, Public Building Maintenance, Central Garage, Sewer Maintenance, Refuse Collection, and Inspections shall be set by the Metropolitan Council. The cost, however, of operating the Divisions of Public Building Maintenance and Central Garage if established, shall be distributed between the several departments, divisions, offices and agencies using the services of the same, including other divisions in the Department of Public Works, by means of a system of charges for such services, based on actual cost, to be established by the Council. The Council is hereby specifically authorized to establish by appropriation revolving funds for each of these divisions, to be replenished by the charges above provided.

Director of Public Works
Qualification, Powers and Duties

The Director of Public Works shall as a minimum (A) (I) be an engineer licensed to practice in the State of Louisiana, and (ii) have at least five (5) years’ practical experience in public works or highway administration, or (B) (I) have received a college degree (which must include the completion of engineering courses, or business management courses, or public administration management courses), from an accredited four (4) year college or university, and (ii) have at least ten (10) years' administrative experience in public works administration; provided, in any event, if the Director of Public Works is not a civil engineer licensed to practice in the State of Louisiana, then the second highest ranking official in the Department of Public Works must be a civil engineer licensed to practice in the State of Louisiana. He shall have the general management and control of the several divisions of the Department of Public Works and, subject to the provisions of Chapter 9 of this Plan of Government, shall appoint and remove all the officers and employees of the department and shall have power to make rules and regulations for the conduct of its business consistent with the Plan of Government and the ordinances of the Council. (As amended on November 5, 1996)

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