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January 4, 2017
"National Mentoring Month Kick-off Twitter Chat"
(3 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT)
A social media opportunity to discuss all things National Mentoring Month and how mentoring is impacting local communities.
January 12, 2017
"I Am A Mentor Day"
A day for volunteer mentors to celebrate their role and reflect on the ways mentees have enhanced their world. 
January 16, 2017
"Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service"
A day to share in the inspirational words of MLK, Jr. and elevate the spirit of service through volunteerism. 
January 17, 2017
"International Mentoring Day"
A day of international conversations on social media where photos, video and powerful mentoring stories messages are shared.
January 19, 2017
"#ThankYourMentor Day"
A day for all who have real life mentoring experiences to thank those who helped them on their path to adulthood and beyond. 
January 26, 2017
"Mentoring in Real Life Awards Ceremony"
My Brother’s Keeper Baton Rouge has partnered with Big Buddy Program to present the Mentoring in Real Life Awards Ceremony. We are honoring selected groups & organizations who have exhibited mentoring in a way that has impacted in our community. 

For more information, please email us at: mbkbr@brgov.com

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