Development of the Land Development Application Search Tool (LDAST) was initiated in 2008 by the Planning Commission Geographic Information System (GIS) Division. The online interactive mapping application is designed to make it easier for the public to find detailed information about planning and zoning cases.

Users can view the locations of all current Planning Commission cases through a user-friendly and familiar Google Maps™ interface. Each case is marked on the map and may be selected to reveal pertinent information about the case. This includes links to the Planning Commission staff report and recommendation, recent photographs of the site, and other related files such as a vicinity map, site plan, floor plan, etc. The case data is updated on a monthly basis at least two weeks before the date of the Planning Commission public hearing.

With its various tools and add-ons, Google Maps™ provides additional benefits for users to view property. Upon selecting a case marker the map automatically shifts to focus on the property. High resolution imagery may be displayed by toggling the Map and Satellite buttons. Also, Google Street View™ images can be displayed by clicking and dragging the peg man to a desired location.

LDAST improves the ability of the public to locate information about proposed land use and zoning changes that are considered at the monthly Planning Commission hearings. The Web application also serves to promote citizen participation in the planning process. If you desire more detailed information regarding planning and zoning cases, then please contact the Office of the Planning Commission. Planning staff members will provide all available public information.