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Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning and Meetings

BikeBR – A Community Bikeability Tool

BICYCLE & PEDESTRIAN SAFETY This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from | NEIGHBORHOOD BICYCLE SURVEY


Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Established in 2000 by the Capital Region Planning Commission, this group provides an active living initiative from an established, goal orientated group of citizens representing professionals and organizations for the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. This group provides a mechanism that enables citizens, who represent the ultimate consumers of the product, to input their concerns about facilities that are desirable and usable. Projects include addressing problems with existing facilities, education of bike riders, pedestrians and motorists on safety issues and the Baton Rouge Area Bike Map.

The committee has representatives from various City-Parish, state agencies and other local advocacy groups including:

Baton Rouge Planning Commission,

Baton Rouge Recreation and Parks Commission,

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development,

Alliance for Healthy Transportation,

Sierra Club

Comprehensive Plan
FUTUREBR is a twenty-year comprehensive development and land use plan for the City of Baton Rouge and the Parish of East Baton Rouge. It is designed to act as a “blueprint” for the future development of our community.

Objectives and Action Items

Transportation Action Item 2.2.3
Encourage the co-location of intermodal connections – including transit stops, station areas, enhanced bicycle facilities such as wayfinding and short-and long-term parking, high quality pedestrian infrastructure, and shared public parking – particularly at mixed-use centers and employment centers.

Transportation Objective 5.1
Recognize the importance of the on-street network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Incorporate bicycle and pedestrian facilities into new and existing development.

Transportation Action Item 5.1.3
Establish dedicated funding resources for pedestrian and bicycle planning and coordination.

Transportation Objective 5.3
Develop a bike network and a pedestrian network that allows residents to safely and efficiently use bicycles to go to work, school, recreation areas and shopping/dining.

Parks and Recreation Action Item 2.2.1
Implement crosswalks at all roadway crossings along primary bicycle and pedestrian trails, with traffic signal controlled crossings at major roadways.

Conservation and Environment Action Item 5.1.5
Provide infrastructure for additional transportation modes, including transit, bicycles, and pedestrians (See Transportation Element).

Public Services Action Item 4.3.3
Integrate all greenway planning with the cities of Baker, Central and Zachary so that all forms of transportation including bicycle and pedestrian may be seamless.

Infrastructure Action Item 2.8.1
Encourage the Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission and the Department of Public Works to promote multiple use of drainage servitudes, rights-of-way and flood-prone areas for easement, acquisition, preservation and use as community recreational amenities such as greenways, bicycle/pedestrian routes and open space park facilities.