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Advance Planning and Research Division

The Advance Planning Division is responsible for the coordination and implementation of FUTUREBR, the 20-year comprehensive land use and development plan update for the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge. The primary function of this Division is to focus on long-range, comprehensive planning for the City-Parish.

The Division includes two sections working to implement and update FUTUREBR; manage the Sustainable Governmental Operations Plan; complete special studies related to long-range planning; amend zoning codes; and research economic, environmental, and demographic needs for the City-Parish. The Advance Planning Division includes the following sections:

Plan Implementation and Special Studies
Economic and Environmental Research

Staff Members


Lael Holton


email Lael
Vacant Administrative Specialist  
Barrett Chaix Economic and Environmental Research Coordinator email Barrett
Judy Morice Planner Email Judy
Susan Nakyanzi Planner email Susan
Vacant Special Studies Coordinator  
Osa Hopkins Senior Clerical Specialist email Osa