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Department of Environmental Services
Department of Environmental Services

City of Baton Rouge and
Parish of East Baton Rouge

Department of
Environmental Services

345 Chippewa Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
Office: 225.389.5623 Fax: 225.389.5775

Primary Areas of Environmental Responsibility include:

  • Wastewater (pre-treatment)
  • Storm water
  • Solid waste (enforcement)
  • East Baton Rouge Parish North Landfill

To a lesser degree it includes air quality, hazardous materials and underground storage tanks. Because of the division's special role and activities, it functions in three capacities:

  • As a regulatory agency in the enforcement of Parish ordinances in the areas of wastewater, solid waste and storm water;

  • As a consulting unit for the Department of Public Works and other public and private agencies in which capacity, it offers technical advice on various state and federal statues;

  • As aservice organization to the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish by answering calls relating to odor, unauthorized burnings, storm drainage problems, highways spills, hazardous material spills, raw sewage, etc. We also offer public education assistance when requested by public and non-profit agencies. Interested organizations and individuals may contact us at 225.389.5623.