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Historic Preservation Commission

Authorized by:
Ordinance 13045

Serves in advisory capacity only in recommending landmark and historic district designations. Prepare and maintain inventory of all property within it's jusridiction. Recommend to the Metropolitan Council specific places, districts , sites buildings, etc. to be designated as historic properties. Encourage the preservation of historic resources, etc.

Ordinance 13045 adopted 8-25-04. 7 member board, 1 appt by the Mayor-President, 1 appt. by the Downtown Development Dist., 1 appt. by the Foundation for Historical Louisiana, and 4 appts. By the Metro-Council. All members shall be residents of the City-Parish. To the extent possible, the majority of the members shall have qualifications that includes training or experience in architecture, archeology, real estate development or landscape architecture. NO MEMBER SHALL SERVE MORE THAN 2 CONSECUTIVE FULL 3 YEAR TERMS. Ordinance 13398 adopted 9-14-05 provides for one member to be the Planning Commission Chairman.Mayoral appointment do not require Council approval. With the creation of the Spanish Town Local Historic District, another Board member will be appointed. This additional member must be a member of Spanish Town. ORDINANCE 15198 adopted on October 19, 2011 revamped the HPC Board membership. There are now 7 members of the HPC and all are appointed by the Metro Council.

4 Years

MemberTerm Expiration
Preston Huey Jr.9/23/2015
John Sykes 8/12/2016
William Fontenot Mr.9/22/2016
Ana Forbes 11/28/2016
Genevieve Burr 9/23/2019
Julia Bing 9/23/2019
Whitney Cooper 9/23/2019
Uyuho Eduok 9/23/2019
Genevieve Burr 9/23/2019