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Baton Rouge Police Department

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Reporting a theft or loss of items such as cell phones, garbage cans

Operational Services

Operational Services is the most diverse bureau of the department, providing numerous and varied support functions, including serving as the repository for all criminal and traffic records.


Alarm Enforcement
Subpoena Service/CourtEmployee filing records image Liaisons
Bicycle Registration
Training Services
Criminal Records
Traffic Records
Latent Fingerprints
Crime Information Unit
Crime Statistics and Research
Technological Support

The Alarm Enforcement Section is responsible for licensing, regulating, maintaining statistics, and collecting fees from alarm users in the city and parish.

The Licensing Section is responsible for issuing licenses and maintaining records on all persons and businesses licensed by the Chief of Police.

The Subpoena Services/Court Liaison Section is responsible for serving subpoenas and other court documents to department personnel, and for maintaining liaisons with area courts.

The Bicycle Registration Division is responsible for registering and licensing all bicycles sold and ridden in the city, as well as enforcing applicable bicycle traffic ordinances. This division is also responsible for storage and disposition of all abandoned, recovered and seized bicycles.

Officers at the Firing LineThe Training Services Unit is responsible for the recruitment and training of all prospective and newly hired officers, and the in-service training and re-certification of existing personnel in all aspects of law enforcement as well as the maintenance of records relating to such training. The firearms training section is responsible for all training of potential, newly hired, and existing personnel in the area of firearms safety and proficiency. The recruiting section is responsible for interviewing prospective employees, conducting all necessary background checks and tests, and providing lists of qualified and recommended candidates for employment as officers.

The Criminal Records Section maintains a centralized record system of all criminal offense reports prepared by officers of the department, arrest reports, fingerprint cards, and all necessary files and systems for criminal information storage, retrieval, archiving, and disposition.

The Traffic Records Section is responsible for the maintenance of a central traffic records system, providing report production, a public counter service facility, and a system for traffic information storage, retrieval and disposition.

The Latent Print Section operates as an identification unit, analyzing, comparing, cataloguing and classifying submitted fingerprints.

The Crime Information Unit is responsible for operating the National Crime Information Center computer and teletype system, receiving and distributing advisories from other agencies, and inputting information originating with this department, for dissemination to other interested agencies.

The Crime Statistics and Research Unit manages the FBI uniform crime reports and provides statistically oriented data to other divisions and outside agencies. Detectives using a computer to build a Lineup

The Communications Division is responsible for proper routing of all telephone calls to the department. This division receives and processes all requests for police services. Communications personnel also dispatch, via radio, the appropriate police units to investigate and assist as needed.

The Technological Support Unit is responsible for operating, maintaining, and updating all computer systems used by the department.

Baton Rouge Police Department