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Reporting a theft or loss of items such as cell phones, garbage cans

Frequently Asked Questions

Abandoned/Junked Vehicles | Alarm Permits
Auctions of Surplus Property | Child Restraint/Safety Seats
Community Service Safety Programs
Complaints Against Officers | Crime Stoppers Rewards
Criminal Background Checks | Employee Theft | False Alarms | Forgery Victims
How to get a copy of a Police Report
How to get a Restraining Order
How to hire off-duty police officers
I locked my keys in my car
I lost my traffic ticket | How to pickup a Traffic Crash Report
In an average BRPD year... | Missing Persons and Runaways
My car was stolen | My home was burglarized
My friend was arrested | My car was towed/impounded
Nuisance Abatements | Pawn Shops
Police Department Employees | Police Department Budget
Police Officer Pay | Police Telephone Solicitation Calls
Police Vehicles | Public Pickets
Sex Offenders | Teen Curfew Ordinance

Abandoned and Junked Vehicles...

How do I get an abandoned vehicle removed from my property?

As the Owner/Authorized agent of the property, you have a right to call the wrecker of your choice to have the vehicle towed away. We suggest that you have signs posted warning of the parking violation. If you have made every effort to find a wrecker to remove the car and cannot locate such wrecker, you may call the Impound Division at 389-3819 for additional information to assist you.

My neighbor has several cars in his yard that are not in running condition. Can anything be done about this? Do I have to give my name?

Yes! Call the Impound Office (You do not have to give your name) with the address of the abandoned vehicles, description of the vehicles, and owner information (If known). An Impound Officer will check the address. If the vehicles fit the criteria under City Statute (CC12:500-509) as being in abandoned or inoperative condition, the Impound Officer will attempt to serve a "Notice to Abate a Public Nuisance" to the owner of the property, or owner of the vehicle(s), or the occupant of the property. 

When I called in a complaint on the cars in my neighbors yard, I expected the Police to respond immediately and remove those cars. What happened?

The Law requires that the violator be given an opportunity to sign a "Notice to Abate a Public Nuisance." After notice is given, the law requires the vehicle to be removed from the property; placed in an enclosed garage, or repairs must be commenced. The violator has 15 days to comply with the Law. (If the violator is repairing the vehicle(s), he/she can have an additional 15 days as long as repair receipts can be shown.)

Many times the violator will avoid contact with the Police Officer which delays service of the notice and subsequent removal of the vehicle(s). (Please note that the Impound Officer will continue to attempt contact until the notice is served and the case is completed.) PLEASE BE PATIENT!

Alarm Permits...

Why do I have to pay for a permit to have an alarm system?

Everyone in the city of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish (except residents of Baker and Zachary) operating an alarm system must obtain a permit, which costs $25. This is a one-time fee for the permit and is used to help defray costs of maintaining alarm information in police computer systems and responding to false alarms.

Is an alarm permit transferable from address to address or owner to owner?


Auctions of Surplus Property...

How does the department dispose of surplus property and equipment?

As per state law, police cars, motorcycles and surplus property and equipment are sold to the highest bidder at public City-Parish auctions after being retired from service. These auctions are held in Baton Rouge twice a year and are coordinated by the Purchasing Department. The dates are published in local newspapers and are also on Police vehicles have received the best maintenance possible under the preventative maintenance program, although mileage and condition will obviously vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Child Restraints/Safety Seats...

What is the law regarding child safety seats?

Children under 3 must be secured in a child restraint seat. Children 3-5 years old must be either in a child restraint seat or buckled up in the back seat. There are certain types of vehicles and situations exempted.
See Louisiana Revised Statutes 32:295. External web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge

Community Services Safety Programs...

What programs does Community Services offer the public?

Neighborhood Watch, Personal Safety, Schemes and Scams, Home Security Checks, Violence in the Workplace, Water Safety, Bicycle Safety, Officer Friendly, Dangerous Strangers and Gun Safety. DARE, Crimes Against the Elderly and the Elderly Crime Victim Assistance Program are also administered through our office.

How do I schedule a program for my organization, business or school?

Call 389-4801. We ask that you give us two weeks notice, and have at least 25 people attending. We do not do programs on Friday afternoons or weekends. The only program scheduled after 5 p.m. is Neighborhood Watch and is offered Monday through Thursday.

Complaints Against Officers...

How do I file a complaint against a police officer?

If you have a complaint involving the actions of a Baton Rouge Police Officer, please contact the Internal Affairs Division at 704 Mayflower Street, or by calling 389-3850. The Internal Affairs Division is responsible for investigating complaints made by the public regarding violation of Departmental Rules, Regulations, Policies or Procedures.

How many complaints does Internal Affairs investigate every year?

Click to view the most recent Internal Affairs Statistics

Crime Stoppers Rewards...

How are Crime Stoppers rewards paid?

Callers are identified by a code number. If your information leads to an arrest and indictment, or the filing of a Bill of Information, you will receive a cash reward of up to $1,000. which will be paid through a designated bank without us ever knowing your name.

Criminal Background Checks...

Do you perform background checks?

We can perform what is known as a “Local Records Check,” that will only show arrests by the Baton Rouge Police Department. The cost is $10. per name and the requester must present official government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. We do not perform fingerprint-based statewide criminal records checks, those must be done through Louisiana State Police.

Employee Theft...

What do I do if I have an employee stealing from me?

If you're sure, gather all your supporting documents and evidence, then call the police and have an initial report made by a uniformed officer. Detectives will conduct the follow-up investigation. If you're not sure, try to obtain additional evidence yourself first, possibly through use of a surveillance camera.

False Alarms...

What is the fine for having a false alarm?

The City-Parish Ordinance governing false alarms was passed in 1986 and amended in 2012 to help reduce the large number of false alarms police must respond to (about 30,000 every year). It allows users up to three false alarms a year, with the one-year period beginning on June 1st and ending May 31st. After that, fines are assessed, as follow:

  • 4th false alarm @ $25.
  • 5th false alarm @ $50.
  • 6th false alarm @ $75.
  • 7th false alarm @ $100.
  • 8th false alarm @ $125.
  • 9th false alarm @ $150.
  • 10th false alarm @ $175.
  • 11th or more @ $200.

Forgery Victims...

What do I do if I become the victim of a forgery?

If you find yourself the victim of a forgery, immediately make a police report, notify your financial institution and contact your local credit bureau.

What do I do if I receive notices from banks and merchants on my stolen/forged checks?

You will be instructed to obtain an Affidavit of Forgery and send copies to the businesses to let them know that you did not issue the forged check. An Affidavit of Forgery may be obtained from your bank or any Notary Public.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Police reports considered public record are available through the Criminal Records Division, Police Headquarters located at 704 Mayflower Street, during normal business hours. Their phone number is 389-3839. Copies of reports cost $10.00 for the first page and $1. per additional page. To expedite the process, you should supply the report file number. If you do not know it, provide the numerical address and the date/time of the incident. Requests may be faxed, mailed or made in person. Commercial accounts are also available for high-volume customers. Copies of Traffic Accident reports are also available at Police Headquarters. 2 page reports are $5.00, reports of 3 or more pages are $7.50.

For more information, contact the Traffic Records Division at 389-3878.

How to Get a Restraining Order...

Restraining Orders can be applied for through the East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court Family Violence Department. External web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge

How to Hire Off-duty Police Officers...

Can the Extra Duty Division get officers for details?

No. Officers are not assigned by the Extra-Duty Division. They will post and/or fax flyers department-wide describing the detail, so that interested officers can contact you directly. For more information contact the Extra Duty Division at 389-7842.

What does it cost to hire an off-duty officer for security?

Officers negotiate their own rates. The minimum they are allowed to accept is $25 an hour. However, most details are now averaging $30+ an hour. There is no maximum rate limit.

Is there a minimum hours rule?

No, but an officer is free to set his or her own minimum hours.

What should I pay if I get an officer to handle the paperwork for the detail?

The department does not regulate administrative pay for an officer to handle bookkeeping, scheduling, etc. This is an agreement between the officer and the employer.

Do I have to submit any paperwork to the Police Department?

All officers must have prior approval before working any detail. Also, permanent details must submit a monthly summary of officers who have worked, the dates and hours worked, and the amount paid. Details of three months or less duration are considered one-time details and are exempt from this reporting requirement.

I locked my keys in my car. Can you send an officer to unlock it?

No, due to liability concerns the department does not unlock cars, except in emergency situations.

I lost my ticket and don't remember my court date or the fine amount.

Call the City Court ticket section at (225) 389-3020 or visit

How to pickup a Traffic Crash Report.

Traffic Crash Reports can be picked up at Police Headquarters, 704 Mayflower Street during normal business hours, Monday-Friday hours are 8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. The reports will be available after 10 working days of the accident.

  • 2 page reports are $5.00;

  • 3 or more pages reports are $7.50;

  • Driver/witness statements are $1.00 per page;

For more information contact the Traffic Records Division at 389-3878.

In an average BRPD year...

The Computer Aided Dispatch System (Police/Fire/EMS) receives about 215,000 calls for service a year. In an average year, BRPD officers will:

  • respond to and write reports on 135,000 non-traffic calls;

  • respond to 30,000 false alarms;

  • investigate 21,000 serious crimes;

  • investigate 17,000 traffic crashes;

  • make 8,000 arrests;

  • submit 22,000 pieces of evidence or property;

  • seize 900 firearms;

  • present 200 crime prevention and education seminars (to about 10,000 people);

  • destroy 2,500 pounds of seized illegal narcotics;

  • license 12,000 bicycles;

  • drive 7,000,000 miles;

Missing Persons and Runaways...

Do I have to wait 24-hours to report someone as missing?

No. If you feel the disappearance is of a suspicious nature, then you can and should report them missing immediately.

Under what circumstances are photos of missing persons released to the media?

Photographs of missing persons are generally given to the media if the missing person is very young, very old, has a life threatening medical condition, or if foul play is suspected. Photographs of missing juveniles are never released without permission of the parents or guardians. Most news media organizations will not broadcast or publish photographs of runaway juveniles, or adults who have voluntarily absented themselves.

Does the Baton Rouge Police Department participate in the Amber Alert Program?

Yes. Louisiana Amber Alert External web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge Program has very specific criteria for when the system may be activated. When these criteria are met, BRPD will take the steps necessary to activate an Amber Alert.

Can a 17 year old be reported as a runaway?


Can anything be done about a child that constantly runs away?

Yes. While it is not a crime for a juvenile (16 or under) to run away from home, there is a program with the East Baton Rouge Juvenile Court called Families In Need of Service (FINS), which assists parents in dealing with ungovernable children. The phone number to Juvenile Services is (225) 356-4471. More information on this topic can be found by visiting the FINS Website.

My Car Was Stolen...

What should I do if my car has been stolen?

You should immediately contact the police department and make a report. It is extremely helpful if you can provide your vehicle's year, make, model and license plate number, as well as any distinguishing characteristics such as damage, bumper stickers or customizations. You should also immediately contact your insurance company and notify them of the theft, as well as the police report number. If you later spot or locate your car, it is critical that you call police so that a recovery can be made. Otherwise, you may find yourself riding a car that is still reported on police computers as "stolen".

What is the likelihood that my stolen car will be recovered?

In Baton Rouge our recovery rate for stolen vehicles is between 75-80%.

My Home Was Burglarized...

What should I do if I come home and find I've been burglarized? What are my rights, as a homeowner if I catch someone burglarizing my home while I'm there?

You have the right to use deadly force against a person to prevent the unlawful entry into your residence or to compel the intruder to leave.

My Friend Was Arrested...

My relative or friend was picked up earlier and I need to know if he or she is in jail and what his or her bond is.

Call the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison at 358-4009.

My car was towed/impounded, do you have my car?

To determine if the Baton Rouge Police Department has towed your vehicle, contact the Impound Division at 389-3819 during normal business hours. We need a permanent license plate number or VIN (vehicle identification number) to check our records for anyvehicle that has been impounded.

How much does it cost to get my car out?

What is the condition of my vehicle??

The Impound Office does not know the condition of the vehicles that have been impounded by officers in the field.

Where is my vehicle?

The Baton Rouge Police Department contracts with the following wrecker company:

  • Roadrunner Towing
    9101 Veteran's Memorial Boulevard
    Baton Rouge, LA 70807
    (225) 356-3061

If your vehicle is in Official Storage (meaning this vehicle was involved in a crime), you must bring proof of ownership, and a valid driver's license to the Impound Office located at 4445 Plank Road to obtain a release. If the vehicle is not currently registered in your name, and it has been longer than the 20th day of the month following purchase, (e.g. vehicle purchased June 1st; you must pay your tax, title, and license fees by the 20th of July. This is state law.) You must get the car properly registered in your name before obtaining a release from the Baton Rouge Police Department.

If your vehicle was impounded for no proof of insurance, you must go to DMV to get a hold release letter. The letter should then be taken to the Wrecker Company that holds your vehicle. The Hold on your vehicle is by DMV and not the Baton Rouge Police Department.

If your vehicle was impounded for any other reason, go directly to the Wrecker Company to obtain release of your vehicle.

Do landlords have an obligation to keep their rental properties free from crime?

Yes. The Louisiana nuisance abatement law requires that landlords keep their property free of drug-related criminal activity, prostitution and crimes of violence. The penalty for failure to clean up property after notice is closure of the property for up to 5 years. To institute nuisance abatement proceedings the Community Services Division at 389-4801.

Pawn Shops

Can I look in pawnshops for my stolen property?

Yes, but this is not something that has to be done immediately, as pawnshops are required to hold purchased items for 30 days before placing them on the shelves for re-sale. The Baton Rouge Police Department checks pawnshops daily for stolen property inside the city limits and the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office monitors pawnshops outside the city.

What do I do if see my stolen property at a pawnshop?

Notify the local law enforcement agency for that jurisdiction immediately. You will not be able to walk away with your property the same day. The police will place a "hold" on the item until all the information about the theft can be obtained. The property must be identifiable by serial number, description or personal identification information placed on the item by its owner. The police will release the property to you after an investigation, if the property can be verified, as yours. If law enforcement finds your property in a pawnshop, they will contact you.

I suspect someone has pawned my stolen property. Can I check to see if they've pawned anything recently?

Probably not. Pawnshops will not tell you who pawned a particular item. If you suspect a person you know of committing your theft, contact the law enforcement agency investigating the crime and give them the suspect's name.

Police Department Employees

How many people does the Police Department employ?

The Baton Rouge Police Department is currently allotted positions for 789 police personnel (police officers, dispatchers and specialty positions) and 97 civilian personnel for a total of 886 employees. The agency also employs 110 part-time school crossing guards during the school year.

Police Department Budget

What is the police department’s annual budget?

In 2013, the police department budget was approximately $84 million.

Police Officer Pay

What is the starting salary of a Baton Rouge Police Officer?

The starting salary is currently $31,390 a year. After one-year of service, officers also receive an additional $6,000 annually from the State of Louisiana. This figure does not include overtime, private extra-duty details, holiday pay, shift differential pay or college incentive pay.

Police Telephone Solicitation Calls

Someone just called my house wanting me to donate money to help the police department.

If you’ve received a phone call from someone claiming to represent the police department and asking for a “donation” or “contribution”, you have been lied to. Under no circumstances does the Baton Rouge Police Department ever solicit money from citizens. The caller is either (a) a scam artist, or more likely (b) working on behalf of a private organization or association whose primary membership includes law enforcement officers. Many of these associations do provide benefits to their dues-paying members, but many also contract out with professional telephone solicitors who often keep 75-80% of the funds collected. If you receive such a call, and have any desire to donate, don’t be afraid to ask questions first. What organization exactly is the caller claiming to represent? How can you get in touch with an officer of that organization? What is their phone number and mailing address? What specifically is the money going to be used for? What percentage of the money collected will be kept by the solicitor? You have a right to know this information. If you do decide to donate money, always do so by mail and with a check.

Never give cash and never allow a caller to come to your home to collect the donation.

If you believe you are dealing with a con artist or a solicitor who is misrepresenting himself, contact your local police department or law enforcement agency and file a report.

Police Vehicles

What makes police vehicles different from other vehicles?

Police vehicles are purchased from a select group of vehicles that are sold as police packages. These cars often come equipped with heavy duty suspension, cooling and electrical systems, as well as, larger engines.

What type of motorcycles does BRPD use?

We use Harley-Davidson FLHP Road King motorcycles. These afford the officers a stable and dependable platform from which they can perform their duties.

Public Pickets

Is it legal to picket without a permit?

Yes. The First Amendment gives us that right. However, picketers cannot trespass on the property of others and they cannot obstruct traffic.

Sex Offenders

Convicted sex offenders are required to register with local law enforcement.  Louisiana State Police maintains a Searchable Database with Photographs of ALL Registered Sex Offenders External web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge residing in Louisiana.

Teen Curfew Ordinance

How late can my teenager stay out with the curfew ordinance?

A juvenile (under 17) may not remain in a public place or on the premises of an establishment between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. (except on Friday and Saturday nights), when the hours are 1 a.m.-5 a.m. There are exceptions, however including if the juvenile is accompanied by their custodian, is on a reasonable errand, is at, going to, or returning from, work, is involved in an emergency, or is attending certain specified, supervised activities. See City Code 13:1056