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Reporting a theft or loss of items such as cell phones, garbage cans


Criminal Investigations Bureau


Criminal Investigations offers some limited first-line response to the public, but is primarily responsible for follow-up investigations of major crimes. Divisions within the Criminal Investigations Bureau include: Crimes Against Persons, Property Crimes, Investigative Support and Special Operations.


Crimes Against Persons Division
includes the following divisions: Homicide, Robbery, Juvenile/Sex Crimes, Major Assaults/Missing Persons, and Computer Crimes.

The Homicide Division is responsible for investigating all criminal calls where a death or life threatening injury has occurred, any officer involved shooting or the attempted murder of a police officer.

The Armed Robbery Division is responsible for investigating all criminal calls involving all degrees of robbery.

The Juvenile/Sex Crimes Division is responsible for maintaining juvenile investigation records, cases of child abuse, and all types of sex crimes.

The Major Assaults Division is responsible for investigating a wide range of non-life threatening felony personal crimes and missing person cases.

The Computer Crimes Division investigates crimes committed against persons or computer systems using the Internet, e-mail or other electronic means.

Dusting for printsProperty Crimes includes the following divisions:  Burglary, Auto/Impound, Forgery, Felony Theft

The Burglary Division is responsible for coordinating all follow-up investigations of burglaries, as well as the recovery of stolen property from local pawn shops.

The Auto Theft/Impound Division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of auto thefts and unauthorized use of movables. The unit also coordinates all records and information relating to vehicles stored and impounded by the Department and monitoring local towing services to insure compliance with applicable standards and ordinances.

The Forgery Division is responsible for investigating all crimes involving thefts by fraudulent use of access cards, and forgeries of negotiable documents.

The Felony Theft Unit is responsible for all felony theft investigations that do not fall under the Auto Theft, Burglary or Forgery Divisions. The office is also responsible for felony damage to property cases. Priority is placed on business embezzlement incidents.

Investigative Support includes the following divisions:  Crime Scene, Evidence, Polygraph, Crime Stoppers.

The Evidence Division is responsible for the collection, storage, cataloguing, and disposition of all evidence and property seized by, or turned in to, the department.

Crime Scene InvestigatorsCrime Scene Investigation Division (CSI)

CSI Division is responsible for assisting in investigations by taking photographs, sketching major crime scenes, collecting and tagging evidence, and performing various scientific tests on suspects and / or evidence, as needed.

Polygraph Division

conducts all polygraph, or lie detector, tests given to recruits, employees, or criminal suspects.

The Crime Stoppers Office coordinates all facets of the Crime Stoppers program with local news media, businesses, and the public.

Special Operations includes the following divisions: Narcotics, School Drug Task Force, State and Federal Liaisons.

The Narcotics Division is responsible for investigating crimes involving illegal drugs as well as related vice crimes. This division administers the HIDTA and LSP Task Forces.

The School Drug Task Force investigates crimes involving narcotics, explosives and weapons in schools, school buses and at school sponsored events within the Parish.

Liaison Detectives assigned to outside state and federal agencies work jointly with these agencies to participate in multi-jurisdictional investigations.