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Occupational Groups for Professional Accounting/Auditing/Financial
Please click on a Job Specification below to find out more information. Click on the Starting Salary to see the 12 steps for that job specification. Annual salaries listed are for 40 hour positions. Part time positions are paid at an hourly rate (Click on salary link to view.)
Job Specification Starting Annual Salary
Accountant $38,389
Accounting Associate I $28,646
Accounting Associate II $31,583
Accounting Manager $62,532
Airport Business Manager $54,017
Assistant Accounting Manager $54,017
Assistant Airport Business Manager $44,440
Assistant Auditing Manager $54,017
Assistant Budgeting Manager $54,017
Assistant EMS Business Manager $42,324
Assistant Finance Director $68,941
Assistant Financial Projects Coordinator $40,308
Assistant Library Business Manager $44,440
Assistant Police Business Manager $40,308
Assistant Public Works Director of Capital Improvements $62,532
Assistant Public Works Director of Management/Finance $62,532
Assistant Revenue Manager $54,017
Assistant Service Fee Manager $54,017
Auditing Manager $62,532
Auditor $38,389
Budget Analyst $38,389
Budgeting Manager $62,532
Central Garage Business Officer $31,583
Chief Auditor $48,995
Chief Budget Analyst $48,995
Chief Financial Analyst $48,995
Chief Revenue Analyst $48,995
Crime Statistician $33,162
DHDS Accounting Section Supervisor $40,308
Debt Management Officer $51,445
EMS Billing Manager $40,308
EMS Business Manager $48,995
Financial Analyst $38,389
Financial Projects Coordinator $51,445
Fixed Assets Manager $34,820
Library Business Manager $54,017
Police Business Manager $46,662
Program Coordinator $42,324
Public Works Accounting Section Supervisor $44,440
Retirement Analyst $38,389
Retirement Benefits Manager $54,017
Retirement Financial Manager $54,017
Revenue Analyst $38,389
Revenue Inspector $28,646
Revenue Manager $62,532
Revenue Supervisor $31,583
Senior Auditor $44,440
Senior Budget Analyst $44,440
Senior Financial Analyst $44,440
Senior Retirement Analyst $44,440
Senior Revenue Analyst $44,440
Service Fee Manager $62,532