Impact Initiatives

Kindergarten Reading ReadyThird Grade Reads is a high-impact service strategy in which the mayor’s office leverages the power of volunteers to help children attain reading level proficiency by the beginning of the fourth grade. Through a partnership involving the Office of the Mayor-President, the Big Buddy Program, and the school district, volunteers tutor the highest need students in Pre-K through First grade to help improve their overall literacy skills, focusing on phonemic awareness, reading accuracy and comprehension during after school programming.

This volunteer-based literacy initiative intervention program is designed to provide struggling readers with more opportunities to read using research-based tutoring methods – helping to improve student reading levels and ultimately increasing their chances of long-term educational success.Kindergarten Reading Ready

The initiative aims to reach between 20 and 40 children in its pilot during the first summer, with a goal to increase the understanding of phonemic awareness, a key pre-reading skill. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words.

Participating Schools

  • Lanier Elementary
  • Dalton Elementary
  • St. Francis Xavier School
  • Highland Elementary
  • Villa del Rey Elementary

For more information on the initiative or to learn more about how you can get involved, please contact Kia Bickham, Chief Service Officer at (225)389-3100 or email to: Kia Bickham.

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