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Love Your Block Grant Application Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

In accessing the City’s challenges and identifying where volunteers could make a difference, many people pointed to the links between neighborhood blight, lack of community organizations, and higher crime rates.

Volunteers Love Your Block imageOne way to combat these issues is to increase the stability of a neighborhood through the active participation of its residents. The Love Your Block initiative gives residents in the City of Baton Rouge the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to carry out a physical transformation of public spaces or projects that will improve the overall appearance of their community. Love Your Block projects may include community gardens, landscaping projects, neighborhood signage, block clean-up or other volunteer-led projects to transform the community.

In order to apply for a Love Your Block Grant, each group must:

Bullet image  Be volunteer-led. Eligible groups include, among others, neighborhood and tenant associations as well as community garden groups, schools and church-based groups located in the Parish's deteriorating and blightedneighborhoods.

Bullet image Demonstrate the ability to mobilize a minimum of ten (10) neighborhood volunteers to take part in the Love Your Block project.

Bullet image Partner with at least one additional community organization to plan, execute and maintain the project. Applicants must submit a letter from each partner organization outlining their roles and responsibilities related to the project and must be signed by an authorized organization representative.

Bullet image Love Your Block projects must occur in a blighted or deteriorating neighborhood.

Bullet image Submit a detailed sustainability plan outlining how your group or organization will sustain the project when grant funds are no longer available.

Bullet image All projects must be completed no later than December 31, 2013.

*Note:  If you were a previous Love Your Block Grant recipient, you must demonstrate how your project will have a greater impact on your community than your previous project.

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