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Information Bulletins

"Information Bulletins" are a continuing series of informational flyers that examine a number of planning and zoning issues, processes and ordinances.

For information concerning the "archived" bulletins, please contact the Office of the Planning Commission at 389-3144.

All Information Bulletins are provided in pdf format. This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from

General Information
Information Bulletin Index
Economics, Demographics and Environment
1 Facts About the Planning Commission 19 Enterprise Zone Program
15 Metro Baton Rouge At a Glance 34 Greenlink System
17 A Resource Guide for City-Parish Services 37 Environmental Planning
40 Intern Program 41 Economic Incentives
50 Resource Center 42 Wetlands
54 What is a Planner? 44 Brownfields
57 Historic Preservation Commission 56 Stormwater BMPs
62 Zoning Advisory Committee 68 Stormwater Management Plan
73 Planning Commissioners Responsibilities 75 EBRP Population Data, 20002010
76 City of Baton Rouge Population Data, 20002010
83 Watershed Planning
Public Outreach and Information GIS, Web Application and Technology
21 CPPC Seeks Citizen Involvement in Planning 8 City-Parish Advances with GIS
84 Public Notification 23 CPPC takes its place on the World Wide Web
  36 Data in...The Foundation of a GIS
  52 Online Maps
  58 Historical Land Development Website
  71 Land Development Application Search Tool
  74 BikeBR
  82 Enterprise GIS
  87 Addressing
Unified Development Code Smart Growth and Sustainability
3 A Surface Mining Reclamation Guide 43 Infill Development
4 What is Zoning? 46 Smart Growth Tools
5 Land Planning 59 Urban Design Districts
6 A Guide to UDC Sign Regulations 64 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
7 A Guide to Parish Landscape Regulations 66 Housing Choices
10 Off-Street Parking Requirements 67 Sustainable Development
13 Site Plan Review 69 Green Housing
14 Bufferyards Reducing Land Use Conflicts 78 Sustainability
18 Unified Development Code 85 Connectivity
38 Wireless Towers 86 Walkable Neighborhoods
39 Cluster Subdivisions
45 Alternative Paving
48 Conditional Use Zoning
59 Urban Design

60 The Appeal Process

Planned Unit Developments Multi-Modal Transportation
31 Planned Unit Developments 22 Major Street Plan
33 Growth Centers 34  Greenlink System
55 Traditional Neighborhood Developments 49 Healthy Transportation
70 Infill/Mixed Use Small Planned Unit Developments 53 Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
  61 Street Cross Sections
  74 BikeBR
  85 Connectivity
  86 Walkable Neighborhoods
Comprehensive Planning Archived: The following Bulletins have been archived and are available for viewing from the Planning Commission staff
24 Land Use Element 2, 9, 11, 12, 32, 35, 47, 51, 63, 65 ,72
25 Transportation Element  
26 Infrastructure Element  
27 Conservation and Environment Element  
28 Parks and Recreation Element  
29 Housing Element  
30 Public Services and Intergovernmental Coordination Element  
79 Horizon Plan Closeout  
80 Urban Design and Neighborhoods Element  
81 Economic Development Element